In the now.

20T ; Rewrote Dexe to be compatible to the latest changes to Varvara as we made our way back down toward Victoria. I'm unsure what to do with the wiki's twtxt and RSS feeds, generating them in Uxntal will be ready painful. Maybe I could merge the now page's body, but then I would loose the Arvelie timestamps, and links.

20S ; Made it to False Creek. The grey weather gives us only a few hours of solar power each day, so we alternate between cleaning and doing other things, such as origami. I've been optimizing Orca, trying to make it run faster, following in the line of optimizations of Noodle.

20R ; Currently rewriting oscean in uxntal, as an experiment to see how far I can push uxn, and what a wiki-from-first-principles might look like. A few features have yet to be ported, but the main components are done. We're slowly sailing North toward Vancouver to see friends, we left Saturna for Ladysmith and Silva Bay, Pino has engine problems, again.

20Q ; Completed Noodle, anchored near Saturna. It's nice to be sailing and working off-grid again. I've started writing paradise in uxntal, it would be nice to port oscean at some point too. I'm thinking that maybe I should stop logging my days now, it has been 16 years, I think I've tried everything I wanted to try.