CCCC Uxn Release
CCCC Uxn Release

CCCC is a graphical calculator.

The CCCC calculator is a 16-bit postfix calculator that uses fractions as primitives. It supports the theme and snarf files. CCCC is the successor to the firth terminal tool.

The calculator includes two special operators, the reciprocal operator and the yet unnamed operator that is the mirror of a division, where instead of putting the first whole number over the second, it makes whole numbers of the numerator and denominator.


Basic operations

Stack operations

Special operations

The calculator rom works equally well as a cli tool than a graphical tool, the cli syntax is as follows:

uxncli cccc.rom
355 113 / " + .


The calculator plays notes inspired from the Casio VL-80, you can use it to play little tunes.


uxnasm cccc.tal cccc.rom

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