The Calendar shows upcoming and past events from the journal.

This wiki uses the Arvelie time format, where the year is divided in 26 periods, or months, of 14 days, numbered from A to Z. The initial logging year and the Arvelie dates count upward from 2006. You can see more updates in the journal and now pages

16W13merveilles — Merveilles Meetup, Seattle
16W11talk — Handmade Seattle 2022, Seattle
16P02potato — Potato Uxn Release
16O03cccc — CCCC Uxn Release
16M09talk — NIME 2022, Auckland
16L06canada — Sail to Desolation Sound, Canada
16J13logic — The Becekew Warbler
16I08nebu — Nebu Uxn Release
16I05bicycle — Varvara's Bicycle Release
16F08talk — LibrePlanet 2022, FSF
16F07alicef — Algorave 10th Birthday Party
16E05alicef — Behind The Screens
16C04adelie — Adelie Uxn Release
16B09yufo — Yufo Uxn Release

15Y12turye — Turye Uxn Release
15Y11catclock — Catclock Uxn Release
15Y08marabu — Marabu Uxn Release
15Y03busy doing nothing — Busy Doing Nothing Paperback
15V11travel — Travel to Montreal, Canada
15V02donsol — Donsol Varvara Release
15S03talk — AES 151, Audio Engineering Society
15S02talk — Emily Carr University, Vancouver
15R09oscean — Rebuilt Oscean in Uxntal
15N08alicef — Flash Crash, Livestream
15M08talk — SciFi Writers Group: Solarpunk, London
15M05orca — Orca Uxn Release
15K06dexe — Dexe Uxn Release
15L08left — Left Uxn Release
15K03noodle — Noodle Uxn Release
15J11nasu — Nasu Uxn Release
15I09talk — Distortion Festival, Geneva
15D05busy doing nothing — Busy Doing Nothing Release
15C02alicef — Completed Jamurary 2021
15B13uxn — Uxn is born!
15B06dito — Dito Desktop Release
15A09left — Left Desktop Release

14X05talk — Grundlagen der digikom, Berlin
14X02noton — Noton Release
14V06firth — Firth Release
14U07dotgrid — Dotgrid Desktop Release
14S13nasu — Nasu Desktop Release
14R11programming — Learning Forth
14R10gyo — Gyo Release
14R02spacetime 6502 — Spacetime 6502 Release
14Q11programming — Learning 6502 Assembly
14P01computer — Migrated to Plan9
14O07travel — Spent 7 weeks at sea
14O03programming — Learning C
14L06canada — Sail to Victoria, Canada
14K08japan — Sail to Shimoda, Japan
14K06nespaint — Nespaint Release
14H04programming — Learning Pascal
14G10merveilles — Merveilles HyperCard Jam
14G05donsol famicom — Donsol Famicom Release
14F11alicef — Eulerroom Equinox, Livesteam
14D08japan — Travel to Minamiise, Japan
14C11orca — Orca Workshop Mila, Montreal
14C05nasu — Nasu Original Version

13Y05merveilles — Merveilles Meetup, Berlin
13Y01azolla — ReactBerlin, Berlin
13Y00germany — Travel to Berlin, Germany
13V08neauismetica — Completed Inktober 2019
13V03orca — Orca Workshop Foolab, Montreal
13T01oscean — Rebuilt Oscean in C
13S11computer — Migrated to Linux
13S00canada — Travel to Montreal, Canada
13R11talk — XOXO, Portland
13R09travel — Travel to Portland, US
13Q07canada — Travel to Vancouver, Canada
13N12ronin — Ronin Web Release
13N02japan — Travel to Tokyo, Japan
13L11azolla — Azolla Release
13L09merveilles — Merveilles Meetup, Amsterdam
13L03azolla — In Amsterdam with Andre Staltz
13L01netherlands — Travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands
13J12orca — Orca Workshop Algomech, Sheffield
13J11azolla — Algomech Festival, Sheffield
13J10travel — Travel to Manchester, UK
13J05osaka — Travel to Osaka, Japan
13H07minamiise — Sail to Minamiise, Japan
13G00merveilles — Merveilles Meetup, Tokyo
13E11shizuoka — Sail to Shizuoka, Japan
13B10ogasawara — Sail to Chichijima, Japan

12Y11merveilles — Mastodon Instance Inauguration
12W13orca — Orca Release
12V00marshall islands — Sail to Majuro, Marshall Islands
12O00noon guest — MoonQuest OST Release
12M09fiji — Sail to Savusavu, Fiji
12I04habitants du soleil — Super Meteor Exhibition
12H12talk — Play By Play, Wellington
12H06habitants du soleil — Habitants du soleil Release
12F10talk — Media Design, Auckland
12B02arvelie — Arvelie Calendar
12A11dotgrid — Dotgrid Web Release

11Z03merveilles — Merveilles Meetup, Auckland
11V09new zealand — Sail to Whangarei, New Zealand
11S02travel — Sail to Neiafu, Tonga
11R10marabu — Marabu Release
11R09verreciel — Verreciel Desktop Release
11R08left — Left Web Release
11R05getapan 728k — Getapan 728k Release
11P00niue — Sail to Alofi, Niue
11K10collected works — Collected works Release
11I11thousand rooms — Thousand rooms Release
11G10superworker — Recording Superworker
11F07known magye — Known Magye Release
11E06marquesas — Sail to Nuku Hiva, Marquesas
11E02oquonie — Oquonie Desktop Release
11C04mexico — Sail to Ensenada, Mexico
11A12donsol — Donsol Desktop Release

10W03programming — Learning Lisp
10U13mexico — Sail to La Paz, Mexico
10U00america — Sail to Los Angeles, US
10T12portalion — Portalion Release
10R01merveilles — Merveilles Meetup, San Francisco
10P12america — Sail to Seattle, US
10L02donsol — Donsol Mobile Release
10J04verreciel soundtrack — Verreciel OST Release
10E13america — Travel to San Francisco
10D02pino — Aquired sailboat

09W08hundred rabbits — Founded Hundred Rabbits
09S07opal inquisitors — Opal inquisitors Release
09R09talk — Ars Electronica, Vienna
09R05austria — Travel to Vienna
09R03looking glace — Looking Glace Release
09O13supervisitor — Supervisitor Release
09M04vocavularist — Vocavularist Release
09J07netherlands — Travel to Utrecht
09I08extended sleep — Extended Sleep Release
09I00talk — Amaze, Berlin
09E02america — Travel to Francisco
09B00ramiel — Ramiel Release

08U10telekinesis — Leap Motion Demo, Tokyo
08T09ten axitecture — Ten Axitecture Release
08S03grimgrains — Created Grimgrains
08R02damoiseau canalx — Damoiseau et Canalx Release
08Q02nutrition — Started eating vegan
08P07advent v — The Advent V Release
08J13purgateus — Purgateus Release
08J07programming — Learning Python
08G13vast — Vast Release
08F07known magye — PowPow, San Francisco
08F03america — Travel to San Fancisco
08D08oscean — Rebuilt Oscean in Javascript
08B13russian — Learning Russian
08A07canada — Moved to Montreal, Canada

07T06telekinetic — SquareSound, Tokyo
07S03programming — Learning PureData
07O05hiversaires — Hiversaires Release
07M07dei dain — Dei Dain Release
07M01dei dain — Mega Ran Tour, Tokyo
07D04ehrivevnv studies — SquareSound, Melbourne
07D02travel — Travel to Australia
07C04programming — Learning Objective-C

06V04ehrivevnv studies — Ehrivevnv Studies Release
06V00ehrivevnv studies — Blip Festival, Tokyo
06U10japan — Moved to Tokyo, Japan
06U08to the aeons hell — To The Aeons Hell Release
06N10programming — Learning Ruby
06N09vetetrandes lettres — Vetetrandes Lettres Release
06N08vetetrandes lettres — iVardensphere Tour, Montreal
06M11pico battle — Pico Battle Release
06K06nutrition — Started eating vegetarian
06K00vetetrandes lettres — Kinetik Festival, Montreal
06G00germany — Travel to Berlin
06F13vetetrandes lettres — Noise Complex, Paris
06F09france — Travel to Paris
06D00es gulf sunflowers — Es gulf sunflowers Release
06C01volkenessen — Volkenessen Release

05Z03programming — Learning PHP
05Z01from saharaphorest — From Saharaphorest Release
05Y00es gulf sunflowers — Neurodance, Toronto
05T01the sixth season — Sixth Season Release
05P07blam — Blam Release
05K12vermillionth — Vermillionth Release
05K02the sixth season — Kinetik Festival, Montreal
05E04czech — Travel to Czech
05A03america — Travel to Philadelphia

04Z01to the aeons hell — Toy Company, Montreal
04U11pico3 — Pico3 Release
04U08to the aeons hell — Toy Company, Montreal
04T13merure — Merure Release
04Q08to the aeons hell — Toy Company, Montreal
04O00idyllic miners — Komor Kommando Live, Ottawa
04J13idyllic miners — Idyllic Miners Release
04J07idyllic miners — Kinetik Festival, Montreal
04F12ann yozora saint — Ann yozora saint Release
04E02shikanokoa vs 1h1d — 1H1D vs Shikanokoa, Osaka
04E00osaka — Travel to Osaka, Japan
04D08osaka — Travel to Tokyo, Japan

03S06drypoint — Drypoint Release
03R13pedestrian paradise — Pedestrian Paradise Release
03R11pedestrian paradise — Piknic Electronik, Montreal
03R00programming — Learning Javascript
03N10malice — Malice Release
03N09pedestrian paradise — Toy Company, Montreal
03F10otoroutes miniatures — Birthdeffekt, Montreal
03D01otoroutes miniatures — Toy Company, Montreal

02W12downtemperature — 16D Label, Tokyo
02S03downtemperature — Toy Company, Montreal
02P02nether esper inserts — Nether Esper Inserts Release
02N09oscean — Built Oscean in Ruby
02M11collected works — Pulsewave, New York
02M10america — Travel to New York
02J11downtemperature — Toy Company, Montreal
02I08japanese — Learning Japanese

01E07downtemperature — Downtemperature Release

00Y02regionsteam snowdays — Regionsteam Snowdays Release
00I04programming — Learning HTML
00I03horaire — Began Journaling