The Utilities are a collection of little tools created solve specific problems.

A collection of small applications that don't quite have a place in the wiki just yet.


Noodle is a pixel drawing tool based on the Bresenham algorithm. You can use it directly in your browser here.

Noodle is the first in a series of image processing tools, exploring the concept of Small Sharp Tools for graphical tasks, as an alternative take to the general purpose software ronin.

The companion scene tool is designed to create perspective guide lines with the noodle Bresenham look. The companion cropping tool is designed to handle all resizing and cropping tasks, instead of adding these features directly into Noodle.

Noodle works exceptionally well with the macintosh application hypercard, you can find a collection of drawings created with it here.

Learn more about the .zoe file format.


Graf3DScene is a small collection of scripts to create scenes in Pascal on the Macintosh. This companion to Noodle and the Zoe Format was designed to help create rich 1-bit graphics, and is currently utilized to create the scenery of the Neauismetica.

The unit contains procedures to create a scene, an orbit camera, and a collection of tools to assemble custom 3D shapes from verticles, edges and faces.

It was built and tested on THINK Pascal 4.0.2, on System 7.1, and requires the Graf3D and the FixedMath units & libraries(which typically comes with THINK Pascal). If you're missing the necessary libraries, contact me and I will send you a disk.


A tiny drawing tool written for the Famicom in 6502 Assembly. It is designed to create PETSCII-style graphics. The tool currently supports cycling through all the available colors of the console, and have 3 brushes and 3 mirror modes.

To save/load your work, use the emulator's Screencapture and Save State options to import/export .nst files.


Enfer is a web-based sampler and synthetiser designed to be used with orca, it is the tool that created the sound for the azolla tracks.

The sampler is meant to be used with the Akai LPD8 midi controller while livecoding, its interface is reflecting the state of the knobs on the controller.

zoe format

The format was designed to make it easier to read and write uncompressed pixel data for monochromatic pictures, more specifically to help move noodle pictures from and to the macintosh system.