Answers to commonly asked questions about research.

What are the most important concepts that you impart in your works?

A lot of my work deal with foreignness and adaptiveness, some of the most romantic ideas that one will find in my work is that of explorers wandering the remains of a long extinguished civilisation, and trying to make sense of it.

Why do you release free software?

Being away from accessible internet connectivity, the most practical mean for us to develop and release projects is via the bazaar model, where the code is often maintained by others while we are away, and so as to not capitalize unfairly on all the help that we receive, we decided to only accept donations.

Why do you release open-source software?

Being incapable of sitting through a class back in high-school, most of the learning that I was able to do was from looking at other people's sources and trying to make sense of the way they think and understand the reasons for solutioning in that particular way. For an ecosystem of tools to be truly resilient, individuals must be able to repair, maintain and inspect the software that they use.

Why is journaling important to you?

I keep records of everything I make, and everything I consume. The idea is to better understand my creative patterns, and to predict changes in mood and interest. Ultimately, the goal is to plan more efficiently, to spend my time with more efficacy and to work less.

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