Answers to commonly asked questions about visual.

Which creative discipline did you begin with, and how did you shift to other mediums?

At first, I stumbled onto photo manipulation. From DeviantArt, to Raster and to Depthcore, I was moving from working with photos, to drawing, and eventually modeling. While I enjoyed visual arts, I felt that to keep sharpening the rendition of the worlds I was drawing, I needed to add a new dimension and so I began writing soundtracks to the pictures, and eventually putting all of it together in the form of websites, and games.

What is the meaning of the glyph in your avatar?

It is an old rendition of the character for blue, found in the Shuowen Jiezi, the character dictionary written by Xu Shen, 100 CE. This particular glyph has probably never been used outside of paleography. I found it to be very beautiful, and the word "blue" has a special meaning in the stories from which my handle neauoire comes from.

What is the significance of your neck tattoo?

My tattoo is three dots in the shape of a triangle, or at an equal distance from each other, it signifies audio, visual and research. I call this arrangement "trisight", it's a reminder that, being a generalist, I must constantly pull from these 3 mediums in order to create complete works.

Where does your name come from?

I began using the name online around 2005, Devine Lu Linvega comes from Davine Lu Linvega of the series Blame, by Tsutomu Nihei, which was very influential to me at the time.

Why did you choose that name?

I had been looking for a name that did not represent who I was, but instead who I would like to become. I wanted something that would serve as a reminder to put curiousity above power, that did not lock myself in the past, but would force me forward toward that ideal.

Who is Davine Lu Linvega in the book?

She was unique from other antagonists in that she doesn't seem to desire killing humans, instead, she devotes her time and energy into finding a way to access an hyper-evolved version of the Internet in the universe of BLAME. As seen in her dying words, Davine was not motivated by a pursuit for power, but rather wanted to see the Netsphere out of pure curiosity.

How are the illustrations in the Neauismetica made?

The Neauismetica is illustrated with a combination of Noodle and Moogle, the earlier images were created on the classic Macintosh with a combination of Hypercard and Graf3dscene.

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