Andes Castel In Construction
Andes Castel In Construction

Graf3DScene is a 3D wireframe toolkit for Macintosh.

Graf3DScene is a small collection of scripts to create scenes in Pascal on the Macintosh. This companion to Nasu was designed to help create rich 1-bit graphics, and is currently utilized to create the scenery of the Neauismetica. It has been superseeded by Moogle.

The unit contains procedures to create a scene, an orbit camera, and a collection of tools to assemble custom 3D shapes from verticles, edges and faces.

It was built and tested on THINK Pascal 4.0.2, on System 7.1, and requires the Graf3D and the FixedMath units & libraries(which typically comes with THINK Pascal). If you're missing the necessary libraries, contact me and I will send you a disk.

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