Nasu Uxn Release picture
15J11 — Nasu Uxn Release

Nasu is a spritesheet editor.

Nasu is a spritesheet editor created to help with the design of interfaces and assets for various Famicom projects. Nasu can import and export in the .chr file format, it can also generate theme files.

As of 2021, the application is distributed as a rom(4kb) for the Uxn system, you can download the assembled rom here, or find the source code here.

Nasu Uxn Prototype II picture
15H02 — Nasu Uxn Prototype II
Nasu Uxn Prototype I picture
15E05 — Nasu Uxn Prototype I
Nasu Desktop Release picture
14C05 — Nasu Desktop Release

incoming(9): identity roms graf3dscene chr format theme dito dotgrid noodle donsol famicom

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