Kanikule Raft
Kanikule Raft

A list of Unreleased projects.

Here are some notes on the reason why I have changed platforms over time, to learn more see the Hundred Rabbits story.

Why Not Unity

A lot of the abandonned projects were made using the Unity framework, it was a convenient way to bundle cross-platform applications. The framework's APIs were in flux at the time, and the rapid migration from one version to the next became more trouble than it was worth. I also had difficulty versioning, and preserving copies, of these massive project files.

As of January 2015, all Unity development was abandoned.

Why Not iOS

As I sailed across the Pacific Ocean, it became increasingly clear that building software for Apple's mobile ecosystem was unsustainable due to the frequent and massive toolchain updates, and the need for the latest generation of Apple devices to successfuly sign and publish to the platform.

Trying to maintain our iOS devices outside of western countries, or updating X Code via expensive or spotty internet was something we could no longer afford. As of march 2019, all iOS development was abandoned.

Why Not Electron

Subsequent to the iOS development, many applications were migrated to the Electron framework and web browsers. The entire toolchain, from the necessary internet connection to access the ever-changing documentation and the energy required for the building of the massive resulting application, to the bandwidth used for its publication, was irreconcilable with our studio's solar energy and roaming connectivity setups.

After a while, I stopped maintaining and using the applications altogether to preserve energy and bandwidth. As of december 2021, all Electron/HTML5 development was abandoned.

Orca x Pilot
pilot — Orca x Pilot
Nebu Uxn Release
nebu — Nebu Uxn Release
A simple reader
bouc — A simple reader
Toronto Game Jam 201
collegiennes — Toronto Game Jam 201
Weeklybeats Tracking
marabu — Weeklybeats Tracking
merveilles portable — Merveilles

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