Uxn Theming
Uxn Theming

Theme files are the interface customization standard for Varvara software.

A .theme file begins with 6 bytes equal to the RGB values of 4 colors. You can see support overage here.

0a6f 05cf 0caf , or #000000 #aa55cc #66ccaa #ffffff

You can use the following Uxntal routine to implement theme support to your application:

( theme )

@load-theme ( -- )

	;&path .File/name DEO2
	#0002 .File/length DEO2
	;&r .File/read DEO2
	;&g .File/read DEO2
	;&b .File/read DEO2
	.File/success DEI2 ORA #01 JCN JMP2r
	LIT2 &r $2 .System/r DEO2
	LIT2 &g $2 .System/g DEO2
	LIT2 &b $2 .System/b DEO2

	&path ".theme $1

Design Standard

The order in which color are used are as follows:

Normal Background/alpha Selection Foreground Application
Monochromatic Background/alpha White Black2 White2

Emulators for monochromatic screens do not support Varvara's colors, instead will display colors 0x00 and 0x02 as black, 0x01 and 0x03 as white.

Four colors should be more than enough for any interface.

Incoming: roms turye dexe nasu cccc bouc potato basic