Noodle in Uxn
Noodle in Uxn

Noodle is a drawing program.

Noodle is currently used in the creation of various monochromatic illustration projects such as the Neauismetica, it shares a lot of the functionalities of the spritesheet editor Nasu.

This program written in the Uxntal programming language and is compiled with the Uxn assembler, it features a handful of patterns, a cleanup brush, animation tools, zoom and can export to icn/gly formats.

Animation Tool

The animation tool is displayed in the interface as two numbers at the bottom left of the screen. The first number is the current frame, and the second is the animation length. To begin, increase the animation length by clicking on it to the desired number of frames, the smaller the canvas size, the longer the maximum animation length. To display the next frame, press enter.

If you have any question, join the #uxn channel on irc.esper.net