Gly sprites in Left
Gly sprites in Left

GLY is a 1-bit inline graphic format.

Gly is an inline graphics format, similar to sixels, used to draw graphics inside text files from visible ASCII characters, in which each character represents 4 vertical pixels on 16 pixels high columns. Gly assets are supported by Left, and can be generated in Noodle.

asciiy*44 pixels

The format resides entirely in within the 0x3f-0x7f range of the ascii table. At the end of each row, 0x0a denotes the end of a line. For example, a 32px high sprite, will have two line breaks. The Y position is set in increments of 4 pixels vertically for a total of 16 vertical pixels, the 0x20 advances the rendering by 1 pixel horizontally.

GLY Example

Each line begins with an escape code, the escape code is not display at the start of each line in the following example.

?^n~ GOb CWa ASa @Ua} NVa ?Va{ GTaq CTa{ ATa @Ta} @Ta @Ta} @Ta @Ta{ @Taq @Ta{ @Ta @Ta} @Ta @Ta @Ta @Tm~ @Td @\g @T_p @R_q @P_p HQg DSk~ BWa @O` 
N^n~ _w _w _w HVkw Oax GVkw @_w ?Rmx GS_w @Rkw Oax HVkw _w GVkw @Oax ?Rkw GS_w @Rmx _w _w _w N^n~ _s _q _p Og Oc Oa N^`   


Draw a gly string in Uxntal with the screen's auto byte is set to auto-y(0x02):

@draw-gly ( chr -- )

	( cmds )
	LDAk #20 NEQ ?&no-x .Screen/x DEI2k INC2 ROT DEO2 INC2 !&w &no-x
	LDAk #20 LTH ?&end
	( opcode )
	.Screen/y DEI2
	#00 STHkr #30 AND #24 SFT OVR2 ADD2 .Screen/y DEO2
		STHkr OVR SFT #01 AND .Screen/pixel DEO
		INC GTHk ?&loop
	.Screen/y DEO2
	INC2 !&w