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The Neauismetica is a series of notes on the fiction of Dinaisth.

The tales of the Neauismetica unfold on a minuscule celestial object, where three Immortals dwell.

Originally written in French, "Les Récits De Dinaisth" begins when most things have ended, on the surface of a Satellite where the remaining immortals have gathered, and are looking up at the lightless skies.

This series of disjointed concepts, characters and places are the connecting thread that lives through aliceffekt's music, Devine's illustrations, and are the culture behind the lietal Language.

Immortals speak not with words, but wait for things to happen, and merely point at them.
— Coralinev

neon hermetism

The Neon Hermetic concepts are the foundations to understanding the neauismetica, its characters and their purpose.

Science has long since ended, and has been replaced by the art of operating teleogic constructors, machines capable of looking across timelines and moving themselves toward the longest lasting Occurence.

Beyond the computing beautiful,
sleeps languages of impossible meanings.


Dinaisth is a small celestial object that orbits the ehrivevnv megastructure, beyond the furthest reaching starlight.

The Flag of Dinaisth depicts the Ultraviolet Sun, reflected upon the Kanikule Ocean below the Lightless Sky.


While some happened to find themselves on dinaisth for various reasons unrelated to the ehrivevnv, the neauismetica focuses on the handful few that worked directly with or alongside the neon hermetists.

The name comes from the nohlxeserre, which is also known as The Language Of The Birds.

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