Dinaisth is the name of the Satellite onto which unfolds the events of the Neauismetica.

Dinaisth orbits the Ehrivevnv megastructure, which sleeps beyond the reach of the earliest starlight.

Yajnevian Throne
vetetrandes — Yajnevian Throne
Dei Dain Aperture
laeisth — Dei Dain Aperture
Eaurizon Hangars
dilitriel — Eaurizon Hangars
Ceil Tova
whiinders — Ceil Tova
Gulfian Basins
duomo — Gulfian Basins
Risan Junction
kirleane — Risan Junction
Outside Docks
vertale — Outside Docks
Meeting Andes
es — Meeting Andes
Reflector Repairs
aitasla — Reflector Repairs

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