Dinaisth is the name of the Satellite onto which unfolds the events of the Neauismetica.

Dinaisth is a small celestial object that orbits the ehrivevnv megastructure, beyond the furthest reaching starlight.

Deep in my dream the great bird whispered queerly
Of the black cone amid the polar waste;
Pushing above the ice-sheet lone and drearly,
By storm-crazed aeons battered and defaced.
— H. P. Lovecraft
Yajnevian Throne
vetetrandes — Yajnevian Throne
Dei Dain Aperture
laeisth — Dei Dain Aperture
Outside Docks
vertale — Outside Docks
Risan Junction
kirleane — Risan Junction
Gulfian Basins
duomo — Gulfian Basins
Eaurizon Hangars
dilitriel — Eaurizon Hangars
Ceil Tova
whiinders — Ceil Tova
Reflector Repairs
aitasla — Reflector Repairs