Dinaisth is the location onto which unfolds the events of the Neauismetica.

Dinaisth was periodically transformed and inhabited by multiple groups, each leaving traces of their visit in the form of tools, notes and artifacts. Its proximity to the Ehrivevnv megastructure, by which it is orbited, is the principal reason for which the earlier explorers landed on Dinaisth, its estimated position at the end of the universe's life is what brought the protagonists of the Neauismetica.

Autoconstruction Reef
vetetrandes — Autoconstruction Reef
Dei Dain Aperture
laeisth — Dei Dain Aperture
Gust on the Valentinel Bridge
dilitriel — Gust on the Valentinel Bridge
It feels okay.
whiinders — It feels okay.
Duomic Sublevels
duomo — Duomic Sublevels
Crossing the Risan Aldeth node
kirleane — Crossing the Risan Aldeth node
The Yajnev convoy
vertale — The Yajnev convoy
Storm Drains
es — Storm Drains

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