Soies Injection
Soies Injection

Neon Hermetism is a collection of general Neauismetic concepts.

The Neon Hermetists were the last inhabitants of Dinaisth, and the ones who operated the machines that crafted this ultimate final and long-lasting occurance. By the arrival of Neonev, the work of Science had long since ended, replaced by the art of operating teleogic constructors, machines capable of looking across different simultaneous timelines and moving themselves toward the longest lasting end.

A horizon is a phenomenon of vision. One cannot look at the horizon; it is simply the point beyond which we cannot see. There is nothing in the horizon itself, however, that limits vision, for the horizon opens onto all that lies beyond itself. What limits vision is rather the incompleteness of that vision. James P. Carse, Finite and Infinite Games
The Traversible
feu — The Traversible
actors — Ayatori
Sign that looks like letters
ehrivevnv — Sign that looks like letters
Andes' Rope
soies — Andes' Rope
Dancing on the moon
neausea — Dancing on the moon

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