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12B10 — Of Fallen Pilgrims

The Neausea is a sickness manifested in beings who knows their Soies position.

actors and beings such as paradichlorisse, can carry it. A weaker form can be contracted when one is in contact with nohlxeserre languages.

The experience of Neausea, by the afflicted, would at first seem like one can travel through time. But the subject's impression of time-traveling is due to their focus shifting across possible sequences of events.

To the observer, the subject would simply collapse, by the time the body would hit the ground, the subject's mental gaze would have traveled across different possible timelines, but would have in the process lost the track of Time — Effectively extracting themself from the Soies.

andes is the only character known to have survived an encounter with the nohlxeserre Languages. The fossilized mountains of corpses by the sides of paradichlorisse are a testament of the ones who have tried to look at Time and perished.

In debt are are my impossible selves,
for all the horrible days.

incoming(1): nohlxeserre