Dancing on the moon
Dancing on the moon

The Neausea is a sickness that manifests when one knows their relative position in time.

To the afflicted, the experience of Neausea, would at first seems like one can travel through time. But the subject's impression of time-traveling is only their focus shifting across alternative possible sequences of events.

To an observer, an afflicted would appear to suddently collapse, by the time the body would hit the ground, the subject's mental gaze would have traveled across valid possible timelines, but would have in the process lost the track of Time — Effectively transforming, from a participant, into a mere witness of the course of time.

The hills of fossilized corpses by the sides of Paradichlorisse are a testament of the ones who have looked at the Soies and perished in the process. Andes is the only character known to have survived an encounter with Nohlxeserre.

Indebted to my unexisting selves,
for all the good long days.

Nohlxeserre is an hypothetical language from the Neauismetica.

Nohlxeserre is a language that delivers a richer and more precise rendition of its meaning than actual experience, it is the language of actors.

The richness and detail of experiencing an event, pales in comparison to having it recited – Effictively inducing the symptoms of neausea, stasis, and ultimately death.

Andes, as opposed to Neonev, did not arrive on dinaisth looking for actors, but for Paradichlorisse, whom is expected, at the very end of times, to say the true word for "silence".

incoming nohlxeserre