Aitasla Reflector
Aitasla Reflector

The Ehrivevnv is a Soies Injection.

It presenting itself as a synthetic celestial structure, around which Dinaisth orbits.

The Ehrivevnv was found to exists in the timelines that persisted until the End of Time. This particularity has brough many forms of life to congregate onto Dinaisth to study it, and has given it its classification of puzzle.

The puzzle is orbited by both Dinaisth, and Aitasla. Its discovery, and the research that it inspired, ultimately brought about the completion of Science.

This superstructure is located further than natural light could ever reach, blanketed in perpetual darkness and cold, in near stasized space. The only light ever to reach the surface of the puzzle is artificial and emited from Dinaisth.

Et haec revelantur in virtute et veritate non Vi.
Reflector Repairs
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