Various notes on the visual choices made for the Nataniev projects.

Additional details can be found in the faqs.

"The Dinaisth Flag"
#72DEC2 #000000 #FFFFFF
Audio Visual Research


It is an old rendition of the character for blue, found in the the Shuowen Jiezi, the character dictionary written by Xu Shen, 100 CE. This particular glyph has probably never been used outside of paleography. I found it to be very beautiful, and the word "blue" has a special meaning in the stories from which my handle "neauoire" comes from.

The Ambigram

The neauoire Ambigram avatar is used mostly in forums, as an alternative to the 091450 icon. The design is taken from the complete Neau Ambigram, also found here.


The Carmilla icon is taken from the 1995 cyberpunk magazine with the same name. This avatar is primarily being used on Mastodon and various private channels.

The Orb

The Orb fractal icon was created in 2007 and has come to represent the Trisight, it is usually visible on the main portal pages of this wiki.

The Neauismetic Crest

The Neauismetic Crest features various elements found in the iconography of the Neon Hermetists. This icon is used mostly on the maps and charts from that world.

The Lietal Glyph

The Lietal icon represents the relationship between the language's Elementary Constructs.