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Oscean is a flat-file wiki engine.

Oscean is a static wiki engine written entirely in ANSI C, designed to be deployed from low-power devices with gcc as its only dependecy. The engine has grown into a collection of tools, including the time tracking software horaire, as well as the time formats neralie & arvelie.

The wiki and related tools are designed to be used offline first, so the content is generally accessed and edited locally, there are no offsite queries for critical resources.

The generated files use no javascript, are optimized for screen-readers and terminal browsers, the entire CSS content of the entire site should be under 1kb. The software architecture is inspired by longtermism.

—Iris, in Dotgrid


In the Indental file, an unindented line declares the key to a new root node, children lines can associate either parameters or lists to their parent node, a line divided with a colon will associate a value to a parameter to the parent node, and a sequence of equally indented lines will append to a list.


In the Tablatal file, the first line declares the key, the spacing between each key defines the length of the parameters for all subsequent lines.


The Lain parser used to exist at the core of Oscean before the migration to a fully static website, but it can still be found in various projects of the Nataniev, such as in the Ronin and Paradise applications.


Runic is a first-order templating language operating on an array of lines, Where line is prefixed by a rune, giving a sense of the data being handled.

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