Horaire is a time-tracking tool.

Horaire is a time-tracking engine designed to record and host daily activity logs. A log is recorded at the end of the day, and contains 3 values.

General Productivity(Ph) is not seen as a net positive, but as a value that speaks of how reflective a project is, or a value that indicates how much time was spent on planning, against time spent on user-facing assets. Certain types of project will naturally have a high index of productivity, while others will not. Productivity might also shift during a project's lifetime as it goes from a prototype(low concrete output), to a full release with its media assets(high concrete output) and through the periods of maintenance(back to low concrete output) that follows.

Planning(4ch) / for 7fh0.57ph
Performance(9ch) / for 3fh3.00ph

A task name can be generated from the intersection of Ch and Fh. For example, the code 238, can be converted into 8fh, for the storyboard task.

10idle 20idle 30idle
11session 21screening 31documentation
12audio experiment22visual experiment32code experiment
13rehearsal 23storyboard 33maintenance
14draft 24sketch 34planning
15composition 25editing 35prototype
16sound design 26graphic design 36interaction design
17mastering 27rendering 37packaging
18audio release 28visual release 38code release
19performance 29showcase 39talk


As explained above, a fh is not equal to an hour, a fh is a ratio of invested time over total available time. For example, a good day might look like: 3 pomodoros(~90min) over 3 hours(~180min) equivalent to 50% of available time, or 6fh. And a day of lesser focus might look like: 2 pomodoros(~60min), over 6 hours(~360min) equivalent to 15% of available time, or 2fh. Furthermore, a harder task would be more fh(time spent), over less ch(concrete output), meaning that a high fh does not necessarily correlate with productivity.

Effectiveness, is doing the right thing.
Efficiency, is doing it the right way.

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