A Digest
A Digest

Notes on focus and purpose.

Years of personal statistics, recorded by way of daily journaling, revealed that my time spent traveling inspired me more than any other of sort of stimuli that was being recorded at the time. From this insight, I have oriented my entire life toward becoming a nomad.

Multi-tasking revealed itself to have a negative impact on my productivity. Working within the confines of a single medium, would convert into long periods of lesser creativity and intermittent productivity. Living at any one place for an extended period showed a decay in inspiration. Leaving school to learn to play music, moving abroad and incessantly meeting new and different people improved personal realization.

Learning to solve problems directly produced more sustained periods of output in comparison to searching for solutions. Investing in building hand-crafted tools is somewhat equivalent to learning general-purpose tools, but with a clear advantage of being able to replicate the tool which is worth its weight in independance would the tool suddenly become unavailable.

Optimizing toward the need for less revenue has yielded much better results than optimizing toward the generation of more. Remaining immobile in moments of doubts and planning, always converted into better output, than acting impulsively and accidentaly taking steps away from one's goals.

Stop buying the unnecessary,
stop doing the non-essential.

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