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16V08 — A Digest

The Aesthetics diaries.

I have aligned my life toward a singular design, the acceleration of Arts & Science.

The analysis of personal statistics recorded through daily journaling, revealed travel to convert into the most inspiration hours. I have then steered my creative work toward facilitating opportunities to travel.

Multi-tasking revealed itself to have a negative impact on my productivity. Working within the confines of a single medium, would convert into long periods of lesser creativity and intermittent productivity. Living at any one place over a period of a year showed a decay in inspiration. Leaving school, learning to play music, moving abroad — showed an improvement in the realization of Arts & Sciences.

Automating work always converted to higher long-term output than attempts at brute force. Building specific tools mostly returned higher performance than learning general purpose tools.

Optimizing toward the need for less revenue has yielded better results than optimizing toward the generation of more.

Remaining immobile in moments of doubts and planning, always converted into better output, against acting impulsively and making possible accidental steps away from the acceleration of Arts & Sciences.

I have kept journals recording oscillation in flux of Efficiency and Effectiveness, and used this data to optimize and steer moods of productivity. Each day has a singular task assigned, connected to a specific medium, suggested from previous optimal patterns of productivity.

When a day ends before its task was completed, the day was a planning failure; and the task is broken down into smaller tasks, each assigned to one day. When the task is completed before mid-day, the day is also a planning failure.

I do not get out of bed until I have chosen a task to complete & and a lesson to learn, and I do not go to sleep until I have logged the results. The tasks are selected in the following order: I first address the problems that slow me down, the things I find lacking in life and the answers to questions that occupy the idle mind.

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