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18Q11 — Apartment in Koenji

The Routine and habits diaries.

A typical day usually begins at around 6:00am.

I tend to try and keep my eyes shut until I have mentally drafted a rough plan of the things I will want to have done by the end of that day. I then rise to grind coffee — I usually ever only drink one cup per day.

Before even email or chat, I immediately set off to complete the task I have planned eye-closedly. I know to have about 3 hours of undisturbed flow before the distraction surrounding lunch-time pulls me away from the work. My daily goal is to complete, at least, single task a day, the daily task is devised in a way that it should take about 3 hours to complete — Or between 4 to 5 pomodoros.

After the last pomodoro, I tend to cook. I try as much as possible to take a full hour for lunch, to try and exit the state of flow. The afternoon is spent doing maintenance or superficial work, experiments. But mostly, the afternoon is spent reading and learning. The goal is to build a catalog of exciting things to wake up to the next day and to experiment with.

The superficial work that I do involves replies to blogs, maintenance to the repositories that I collaborate on, edits to various wikipedia entries, answering emails and so on..

The day ends with journaling at which point I record the task done, and if any, the lessons learnt. I usually go to sleep with a book, and a highlighter pen. I overline the things I want to keep for a later use, or to revisit.