2024-02-25 Hello, Dot?

Our plans for the summer are coming into focus. It looks like we'll depart early, head as far north as we can make it, and see if the boat and its crew can weather the cold. This ought to give us taste of what we might expect would we decide to make it further into the arctic next year.

Someone found an interesting undefined behavior in the assembly of Uxn code, where the nesting of child labels could be implemented in one of two ways, leading to an incompatiblity between assemblers. I've explored this further and found myself pulled me into a concatenative object-oriented programming rabbit-hole.


2024-02-11 Conlang Weekly

Other than doing improvements aboard, it has been a month of playing with conlangs and conscripts. I begun exploring variable length glyphs in Left after adding support for the Lambda(λ) character last month, and went further still by supporting the Shavian alphabet. I had been looking for an alternative alphabet for a while and loved its 48 letters, the symmetries in the glyphs and how easy it was to learn it.

stupendous written in the Shavian script


2024-01-26 Back to music

I've originally started looking into virtual machines to build a target to host some games, a handful of tools and my wiki — but instead of stopping once I had done so, I kept pushing further and became obsessed with this programming language design stuff, and along the way, I lost track of why I was even doing it all in the first place. After a two year detour, I look back and I've almost totally ignored my other interests as a digital artist and musician. It's about time I find my way back.


2024-01-13 Maintenance

The forge that we use at Hundred Rabbits has been taken down by DDoS attacks and is struggling to come back online, the event reminded us that we ought to also have mirrors and release versions of these source files available elsewhere. I've begun to host copies across our various websites. The builds are still accessible through itch.io.

Until we regain access and release the changes of the last few days, keeping with the spirit of improving the resilience of the tools we use I've taken a moment to write a kind of pocket version of the console emulator and self-hosted assembler as to see how many lines are needed to start from the seed assembler and replicate it. A copy of the pocket emulator, the source for the assembler and its hexadecimal representation have been added to the wiki.

In the meantime, if anyone is looking for a specific file that is currently unavailable, get in touch!