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10A03 — Bifurcan Die

Bifurcan is a watchface.

Every second, the Labyrinth reorganize itself to display the time in twists and turns.

It takes a little practice to be able to see the patterns in the lines. Clicking on the screen will change to a different pattern.

If you have a Pebble Watch, you can download it as a watchface, the Pebble C script was written by Chase Colburn and is also available on Github. The screensaver version was done by Tekgo and was also added to the source code. Named after a Borges short.

The application was re-written in Uxntal in 2021, see the full source here.

1.2 picture
08Q09 — 1.2
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08O12 — Screensaver
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08M02 — Update

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