Ultravoid II
Ultravoid II

A collection of notes in regard to Action.

Ahimsa, or Cause no injury, do no harm, is a Buddhist concept referred to as nonviolence, and it applies to all living beings — including all animals. Also, the limits of non-violence.

Be mindful of impermanence.
Be careful of idleness.

action wisdom

What I tell my students, when they feel singularly unfortunate to be born in this moment, is this is your moment, the moment your soul showed up incarnate. In this world. It is an astonishing moment to be alive. You could have been born into a lull — instead you were born into a tipping point. It’s your one life and you’ve entered it at a flexion point — a point when everything you do matters. How often in history does a soul get to live in such an era? Don’t waste it. Show up for it. With everything you’ve got. Some will invent, some will organize, some will witness, some will grieve, some will console. Live this life now. Even if in fury and grief, live it. You don’t want to die not having lived. It’s incredibly easy to find a way around experience rather than through it. But you will have cheated yourself out of your only possession: your life. You are here now. Now is the time to live fully, not hide, not escape.

Jorie Graham

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