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Pitch Yaw Roll picture
20P12 — Pitch Yaw Roll
Mario and Donsol sprites picture
20P11 — Mario and Donsol sprites
Postscript on Plan9 picture
20P08 — Postscript on Plan9
Not into babyblue picture
20P06 — Not into babyblue
Plan9 Draw picture
20P05 — Plan9 Draw
Custom Acme picture
20P04 — Custom Acme
Customizing Rio picture
20P03 — Customizing Rio
Wireframe engine on Plan9 picture
20P01 — Wireframe engine on Plan9
After 7 weeks at sea picture
20O08 — After 7 weeks at sea
Alphabet Flags picture
20L06 — Alphabet Flags
Shimoda Station picture
20L02 — Shimoda Station
Sunset Maru picture
20L01 — Sunset Maru
Robusta Mit Pino picture
20K14 — Robusta Mit Pino
下田温泉富士屋ホテル picture
20K13 — 下田温泉富士屋ホテル
Shimoda Waterway picture
20K11 — Shimoda Waterway
Pino in Shimoda picture
20K10 — Pino in Shimoda
The NesPaint Interface picture
20K03 — The NesPaint Interface
Disused Hotel in Shimoda picture
20J13 — Disused Hotel in Shimoda
Andes Castel In Construction picture
20J11 — Andes Castel In Construction
Nozoe at 5am picture
20I13 — Nozoe at 5am
Zoe Suit 0.1 picture
20I12 — Zoe Suit 0.1