The Journal shows recent activity.

Pino in Shimoda picture
20K10 — Pino in Shimoda
The NesPaint Interface picture
20K03 — The NesPaint Interface
Andes Castel In Construction picture
20J11 — Andes Castel In Construction
Nozoe at 5am picture
20I13 — Nozoe at 5am
Zoe Suit 0.1 picture
20I12 — Zoe Suit 0.1
Luna moth in Minamiise picture
20I09 — Luna moth in Minamiise
Spiral Pattern picture
20H12 — Spiral Pattern
Entaloneralie System 7 picture
20H06 — Entaloneralie System 7
The Gokashou Coast picture
20H03 — The Gokashou Coast
Neauismetica Stack III picture
20G10 — Neauismetica Stack III
Neauismetica Stack II picture
20G09 — Neauismetica Stack II
Neauismetica Stack I picture
20G08 — Neauismetica Stack I
Nasu running in Surf picture
20F14 — Nasu running in Surf
Nakatsuhamaura picture
20F08 — Nakatsuhamaura
Acorn BBC Micro Logo on Famico picture
20F07 — Acorn BBC Micro Logo on Famico
Famicom AV to C1084 Monitor picture
20F03 — Famicom AV to C1084 Monitor
In Minamiise picture
20F02 — In Minamiise
Nasu Interface picture
20C05 — Nasu Interface
XXIIVV in NesPaint picture
20B10 — XXIIVV in NesPaint
Famicom Keyboard picture
20A01 — Famicom Keyboard
Aboard Pino picture
19Y09 — Aboard Pino