Rlionn is a being who periodically manifest itself on Laeisth.

Rlionn is not a single individual but a trait that manifests itself in the travelers who wander near the Oasis of Laeisth. It is experienced as a trance driving its host to embark on a walk across the desert toward Paradichlorisse. During these events in which one becomes a vessel for Rlionn to physically interact with the world, the afflicted has momentary control over the dream world from which Rlionn originates.

Spoken-of in tales and songs, the stories of Rlionn and the procession of its subjects are sung in the album Children Of Bramble. Rlionn's reach does not extend beyond the shores of the Laeisth continent, and so Rlionn never effectively reach its destination, it only leaves stranded and confused sleepwalkers in the wastes.

The Rlionn Procession
The Rlionn Procession05Q02

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