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A list of general Goals.

Internal are goals dealing with personal growth, and external, as having an effect on the outside world.

Internal Targets

See the world. Travel the earth by my own means and my own terms. Find countries too small to be seen on a map and go there.

— Status Currently living in Victoria, after effectively completing a 4 years long sailing adventure circumnavigating the Pacific Ocean, across countries I did not know existed.

Become polyglot. Fluently speak French, English, Russian and Japanese, to speak four languages from four different roots.

— Status Acquired a basic understanding of written and spoken casual Japanese after living in Japan for 4 years. Took introductory Russian classes, have yet to visit Russia. English, done. French, done.

External Targets

Facilitate the creation and acceleration of arts & sciences through tooling and mentorship.

— Status Created free and open-source tools to compose music, to create graphics and to write. Currently building decentralized or federated social & networking platforms to fuel collaboration among a collective of artists and developers.

Minimize pain and suffering, including that of non-human animals through the promotion and application of pragmatic solutions to nutrition and sustainable energy.

— Status Currently living and working off-the-grid off solar energy, and have optimized for means of generating the least amount of waste through a somewhat ascetic lifestyle and a plant-based diet.

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19F09 — Pino docked in Shizuoka

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