Futami Beach picture
19E07 — Futami Beach

We sailed to Ogasawara in the late winter of 2019, from Fiji.

We sailed into the Futami arbor on our way to Shizuoka, from the marshall islands.

The island of Chichijima is one of the most beautiful place I have had the chance of spending time at, it exists at the intersection of my favourite climate and foods. We spent our time there cycling up and down the coastal slopes, and cooking delicious meals from our favourite Japanese ingredients.

Reaching the Japanese island marked the completion of a dream of mine.

Futami Sailors picture
19E05 — Futami Sailors
Futami Arbor picture
19E04 — Futami Arbor
Marus picture
19E03 — Marus
Terraforming done right picture
19E02 — Terraforming done right
Omura Weather Station picture
19D12 — Omura Weather Station
Epave picture
19D08 — Epave
An Old Bunker picture
19D07 — An Old Bunker
Omura Entrance picture
19D06 — Omura Entrance
Mixed Architecture picture
19D05 — Mixed Architecture
Sail to Chichijima, Japan picture
19B11 — Sail to Chichijima, Japan

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