Nozoe at 5am picture
14I12 — Nozoe at 5am

We sailed to Minamiise in the spring of 2019, from Shizuoka.

After living in Mie for a little over a year, we headed toward Shimoda.

Go to the last train station, take the bus and get off at the last stop, walk to the end of town and proceed into the forest. When the forest ends and you find yourself on the shore, you will have arrived.

There are no trains in Minamiise.

We lived in Gokasho Bay(五ヶ所湾) for over a year, we spent our days cycling through the rice fields, and our evenings skating in the empty streets.

The Gokashou Coast picture
14H02 — The Gokashou Coast
Nakatsuhamaura picture
14F07 — Nakatsuhamaura
After the Rain picture
13N13 — After the Rain
Up that hill picture
13M03 — Up that hill
Shore Ghostly picture
13M02 — Shore Ghostly
Coastal Ghostly picture
13M01 — Coastal Ghostly
Gokasho picture
13M00 — Gokasho
Kirihara picture
13L13 — Kirihara
In a ghost town near you picture
13L12 — In a ghost town near you
Tennis Court Skate Park picture
13K12 — Tennis Court Skate Park
Shannon Entropy picture
13H10 — Shannon Entropy
Our Neighbor picture
13H09 — Our Neighbor
Shima Yacht Arbor picture
13H08 — Shima Yacht Arbor
Sail to Minamiise, Japan picture
13H07 — Sail to Minamiise, Japan

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