After 7 weeks at sea picture
20O08 — After 7 weeks at sea

Pino is a Yamaha 33 sailboat built in 1982.

Purchased in 2016, on Vancouver Island, Pino has since sailed across the Pacific Ocean. We maintain a list of technical details, and our current position can be accessed through our tracker.

If you are interested in learning about the digital-nomad lifestyle, have a look at the Hundred Rabbits Website. We have a lot of raspberry-powered devices onboard, learn more about our radio station.

There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.
—Linda Geddes, Living without artificial light

pino details

In Minamiise picture
20F02 — In Minamiise
A new sail for Pino picture
18J05 — A new sail for Pino
Repairing the main sail picture
17I05 — Repairing the main sail
Becalmed picture
17D02 — Becalmed
Workstation Aboard Pino picture
16N11 — Workstation Aboard Pino
From Inside picture
16E10 — From Inside
Slice picture
16E03 — Slice

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