In Minamiise picture
20F02 — In Minamiise

Pino is a Yamaha 33 sailboat built in 1982.

Purchased in 2016, on Vancouver Island, Pino has since sailed across the Pacific Ocean. We maintain a list of technical details, and our current position can be accessed through our tracker.

If you are interested in learning about the digital-nomad lifestyle, have a look at the Hundred Rabbits Website. We have a lot of raspberry-powered devices onboard, learn more about our media station and radio station.

There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.
—Linda Geddes, Living without artificial light

pino details

A new sail for Pino picture
18J05 — A new sail for Pino
Repairing the main sail picture
17I05 — Repairing the main sail
Becalmed picture
17D02 — Becalmed
Workstation Aboard Pino picture
16N11 — Workstation Aboard Pino
From Inside picture
16E10 — From Inside
Slice picture
16E03 — Slice

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