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12I01 — In Bloom

Technical details on my computer setups.

The following setups are geared toward audio/visual development, power is a critical resource aboard Pino, when living at anchor, I prefer to work on a low-power SBC like Usagi otherwise my main workstation is ayatori. I also occasionally use an emulated Macintosh for various Pascal projects. To learn more about which audio equipment I use, see the studio.

Most of the audio/visual creation tools I use are single-file implementations written in portable ANSI C.
Text EditorLeftleft.c
Pixel EditorNasunasu.c
Vector EditorDotgriddotgrid.c
Model EditorMooglemoogle.c
Livecoding IDEOrca
Ayatori is a x250 Thinkpad. picture
ayatori — Ayatori is a x250 Thinkpad.
Usagi is a 3B Raspberry Pi. picture
usagi — Usagi is a 3B Raspberry Pi.

incoming(3): research raspberry ayatori

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