Microbrute Synth picture
13S02 — Microbrute Synth

The Studio equipment.

While the aliceffekt sounds were mostly sampled from the Microbrute, the alicef sounds came from the Поливокс.

studio workstation


I typically record albums using one of the two synths, I built a library of samples over the years which I use for live shows so I don't have to carry the synths along with me.

When I'm experimenting, I will often have Orca running on a computer, or a midi controller going into the Norns(which I use for automating arpeggios and midi effects) connected into the Polivoks or Microbrute, which is connected to the Infinite Jets.

I don't use any type of midi syncing, I try to manually tune the LFOs and delays to play well with the instrumentation but I don't have any way of sending midi clocks between the various devices, I found that this typically adds a sort of organicity to otherwise very rigid tracks.

Infinite Polivoks picture
13K06 — Infinite Polivoks
Orca Station picture
13K04 — Orca Station
Polivoks Mini B picture
13I03 — Polivoks Mini B
Polivoks Mini A picture
13I02 — Polivoks Mini A

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