True Form
True Form

Aliceffekt, is an audio project following the adventures of Neonev across Dinaisth.

A travel diary documenting the numerous voyages of Neonev through the fictional world of the Neauismetica, in which every album remembers a different time and a different place on Dinaisth.

The Laeisthic chapters are Neauismetic records occurring within the Laeisth continent of Dinaisth.

Travel to Laeisth.

The Duomic chapters are Neauismetic records of the travels of Neonev, from Duomo to Dilitriel.

Travel to Duomo.

The Neauismetic albums are audio diaries from the early ages of the Neauismetica.

Various albums recorded as Lives.

The Demo albums are created with specific pieces of hardwares.

The Soundtrack collection contains various scores written for Software projects.

The Remix collection contains a list of the Aliceffekt remixes and unique tracks made for compilations.

rare tracks

The First Wave contains material mostly unrelated to the Neauismetica and proto-Aliceffekt.

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