Vetetrandes Lettres Release picture
06N09 — Vetetrandes Lettres Release

Vetetrandes Lettres sings of the first age of Dinaisth on the island of Vetetrandes.

While the album begins in Vetetrandes, it moves to the shores of dilitriel and turns its attention across kanikule and toward the Es'Gulf of Eaurison.

The album includes 4 edited tracks from the es_gulf_sunflowers release. The Ver'Tale extension is a hint to a location of Whiinders, close to the visited Vert Kirlian Theatre.

The album begins with a track about yajnev, the composition is based on his trip near the white trees of the Oasis and the Children of Brambles.

The album is part of aliceffekt's neauismetic albums.

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