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What inspired you to play music?

I knew that I should want to write my own music when I was at a chiptune concert, I realized at that moment that I could write music with non-traditional and custom-made instruments.

When were you first introduced to chiptune music?

At the Gamma Festival in Montreal, Bubblyfish was the first performing chiptune act that I ever saw.

What kind of music do you play and why?

I tend to navigate the space between ambient and industrial music, I write starkly contrasted rhythmic music as I find it best to describe the environments explored in the songs.

What themes are you trying to uncover in your music?

Most of the music I write as aliceffekt is about a character's travels across the frigid scapes of this fictional world called the neauismetica, on this foreign planet called dinaisth.

Why did you decide to accompany your music with visuals?

The visuals came first, and I wrote the music to accompany the drawings. So the music merely accompany the visuals.

Do you have a set of tracks you play regularly?

I tend to write music for specific events that occur in the Neauismetica, and when I perform live, I pick moments which best fit with the other performers.

What is your approach when you perform live?

It depends, sometimes it's improvisational, like the telekinetic show. Or sometimes it's procedural, like the ehrivevnv_studies, where I merely make sure that everything is tuned properly. Sometimes I mix old songs and focus on building interesting visuals if the venue allows for it. As of late, I have been livecoding, where the song writing is done as a performance.

How do you approach songwriting?

I tend to write the song in my head entirely, and put it down in one setting. I often write music about the Neauismetica, it's a kind of mental place, a pool of endless musical idea I can visit and explore, it's where most of the songs come from.

When performing live, what's your setup like?

It varies, I've written a couple of shows to be performed with a specific synth, or a specific hardware like with the LeapMotion. Typically, I just use a combination of midi controllers and livecoding.

What instruments do you play?

None. I've never been too not much interested in music interpretation, my love is for composition and synthesis.

Where does the name Aliceffekt comes from?

Alice Effekt was a track by Drome that I liked a lot when I started writing music. My goal was to write music just like it. But it has since evolved into something else.

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