The Uxntal Alphabet is a series of glyph representing uxntal numbers and opcodes.

This purpose of the alphabet is to enable the usage of the Uxntal operators outside of the computer, as well as to help students to familiarize themselves with hexadecimal finger-counting and bitwise operations.


be in po ni sw ro du ov
eq ne gh lh jm jn jr sh
lz sz lr sr la sa di do
ad su mu di an or er sf


The numerical system was designed by Bruce Martin.


The Short Mode is indicated by 2 vertical strokes above the glyph, the Keep Mode is indicated by a forward diagonal stroke under the glyph, the Return Mode is indicated by a small circle drawn below the glyph.

The Min2 routine written with the Uxntal alphabet.
̎030EShort Mode
̥0325Return Mode
̗0316Keep Mode

փ Unicodes

LIT ʘ a b c [PC]
JCI ? a b (c8){PC+=[PC]}
JMI ! a b c {PC+=[PC]}
JSI   a b c | PC {PC+=[PC]}

BRK Ɵ a b c   EQU ʜ a b==c           LDZ γ a b [c8]      ADD † a b+c
INC Ѻ a b c+1 NEQ Ͱ a b!=c           STZ λ a {[c8]=b}    SUB – a b-c
POP Ƶ a b     GTH г a b>c            LDR ʕ a b [PC+c8]   MUL Х a b*c
NIP ƻ a c     LTH ʟ a b<c            STR ʖ a {[PC+c8]=b} DIV ʃ a b/c
SWP Ս a c b   JMP Ր a b {PC+=c}      LDA Ұ a b [c16]     AND լ a b&c
ROT Մ b c a   JCN Ի a (b8){PC+=c}    STA ƛ a {[c16]=b}   ORA Ɨ a b|c
DUP Ո a b c c JSR Թ a b | PC {PC+=c} DEI Ʋ a b [D+c8]    EOR ǂ a b^c
OVR Ռ a b c b STH Դ a b | c          DEO Ʌ a {[D+c8]=b}  SFT ϟ a b>>c8l<<c8h

incoming uxntal reference