Ronin Spiral picture
13O08 — Ronin Spiral

Ronin is an procedural graphics tool.

Ronin is a procedural graphics tool designed to automate simple graphical tasks, like resizing, cropping, coloring, and generating algorithmic images. It interprets a minimal dialect of LISP, look at these examples to better understand how this all works.

The library updates is constantly revealing new applications to Ronin, you can see the list of available functions here. The iconography of nataniev has been created with both ronin and dotgrid.

Learn more by reading the manual, or have a look at some experiments on twitter. If you need help, visit the Community or watch the video tutorial.

Ronin Recursion picture
13N11 — Ronin Recursion
Ronin Splash picture
13N07 — Ronin Splash

incoming(2): lain ronin

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