Hiding from the rain picture
18E06 — Hiding from the rain

Color Film photography diary of the life aboard Pino.

This album will be periodically updated with shots taken with the 250 Jaher Voigtländer.

A black and white album is also maintained.

Wandering in the North Island picture
17Y13 — Wandering in the North Island
Guerilla Gardening picture
17Y12 — Guerilla Gardening
Auckland picture
17Y07 — Auckland
Auckland Beach picture
17X07 — Auckland Beach
Whangarei Bridge picture
17X06 — Whangarei Bridge
San Francisco Street picture
16Y12 — San Francisco Street
San Francisco Stairs picture
16Y10 — San Francisco Stairs
The Helm picture
16Y01 — The Helm
My Father At The Helm picture
16R06 — My Father At The Helm
Early Sailing Days picture
16Q08 — Early Sailing Days
Early Sailing Days picture
16Q07 — Early Sailing Days
Evening near Vancouver Island picture
16Q05 — Evening near Vancouver Island
Old Camera Gear picture
16Q04 — Old Camera Gear
Meeting With Alaska Friends picture
16Q03 — Meeting With Alaska Friends
Pino Docked picture
16Q01 — Pino Docked
Before the evening picture
16P14 — Before the evening

incoming(3): black new zealand camera

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