Spent 7 weeks at sea
Spent 7 weeks at sea

Travel diaries around the world.

If you think too much about where you are going, you lose respect for where you are.

The most effective way to lower the quality of travel is to go somewhere. Going to the lake, is a functional process, with the road an obstacle lying in the way.
Steven K. Roberts, Computing Across America, Chapter 22

A more extensive documentation of the travels by sail can be found here. A map of the Pacific Ocean circumnavigation can be found here.

japan — Shimokitazawa
Lami Bay II, Fiji
fiji — Lami Bay II, Fiji
Colorful Sight
marquesas — Colorful Sight
A young okra plant at the hospital
marshall islands — A young okra plant at the hospital
Chasms and Canyons
niue — Chasms and Canyons
Guests in La Paz
mexico — Guests in La Paz
Some bridge some place
france — Some bridge some place
Arrived in New Zealand
new zealand — Arrived in New Zealand
Sail to San Francisco
america — Sail to San Francisco
Sail to Desolation Sound, Canada
canada — Sail to Desolation Sound, Canada
Travel to Berlin
germany — Travel to Berlin
Heading Out
austria — Heading Out
Artifical Mountain Top 2
czech — Artifical Mountain Top 2
netherlands — Amsterdam

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