Beetbug Step Debugger
Beetbug Step Debugger

Beetbug is a step debugger.

Inspired from Uxn32's fantastic debugger, Beetbug is a step debugger for Varvara, written in Uxntal. It is the perfect tool to step through a running program. It uses Varvara's Console write port to print debug to the interface, and the System's debug port to put a breakpoint.

Beetbug supports symbol files, and will highlight both the return address on top of the return stack, and the address on top of the working stack, giving you a visual indication of the addresses that are being accessed.


Launch beetbug with the target rom to debug:

uxnemu beetbug.rom some_project.rom

Beetbug will evaluate the reset vector, starting at 0100, until a BRK is reached, to pause evaluation, you can use the System's debug port as follow:

#010e DEO


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