Uxntal Devices

Uxn is non-interruptible, vectors are locations in programs that are evaluated when certain events occur. A vector is evaluated until a BRK opcode is encountered. Uxn can communicate with a maximum of 16 devices, each device has 16 ports, each port handles a specific I/O message. Ports are mapped to the devices memory page, which is located outside of the main addressable memory.

All programs begin by executing the reset vector located at 0x100. The content of the stacks are preserved between vectors, but it is discouraged to use the stacks to pass data between vectors.

@on-reset ( -> )
	( set vector )
	;on-mouse .Mouse/vector DEO2

@on-mouse ( -> )
	( read state )
	.Mouse/state DEI ?&on-touch

&on-touch ( -> )
	( A mouse button is pressed )

For example, the address stored in the Mouse/vector ports points to a part of the program to be evaluated when the cursor is moved, or a button state has changed.

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