Uxntal stacks

All programming in Unxtal is done by manipulating the working stack, and return stack, each stack contains 256 bytes. Here are some stack primitives and their effect:

POPa bDiscard top item.
NIPa cDiscard second item.
SWPa c bMove second item to top.
ROTb c aMove third item to top.
DUPa b c cCopy top item.
OVRa b c bCopy second item to top.

A byte is a number between 0-255(256 values), a short is a number between 0-65535(65536 values) made of two bytes, each byte in a short can be manipulated individually:

#0a #0b POP 0a
#12 #3456 NIP 12 56
#1234 DUP 12 34 34

The two stacks are circular, and so have no depths, to pop an empty stack does not trigger an error, but merely means to set the stack pointer to 255. There are no invalid programs, any sequence of bytes is a potential Uxn program. To learn more about detecting unintended stack effects, see programs validation.

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