Uxntal Memory

There are 64kb of addressable memory. Roms are loaded at 0x0100, which is the address of the reset vector. Once in memory, a Uxn program can write over itself, it is not uncommon for a uxntal program to store values in its own runtime. Memory is big-endian, when writing or reading a short from memory, the position is that of the high-byte. The low-byte of a short written at 0xffff wraps to 0x0000.

#12 #0200 STA 0x0200=12
#3456 #0400 STA2 0x0400=34, 0x0401=56
#0400 LDA 34

The zero-page is the memory located below 0x0100, its purpose is to store variables that will be accessed often, or needs to be preserved across a soft-reboot. It is sligthly faster to read and write from the zero-page using the LDZ and STZ opcodes as they use only a single byte instead of a short. This memory space cannot be pre-filled in the rom prior to initialization. The low-byte of a short written at 0xff wraps to 0x00.

#1234 #80 STZ2 0x0080=12, 0x0081=34
#81 LDZ 34

During boot, the stacks, device and addressable memories are zeroed, if it is a soft-reboot, the content of the zero-page is preserved.

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