Varvara's Bicycle Release
Varvara's Bicycle Release

Bicycle is an interactive Uxntal playground.

Bicycle is a little playground to learn and experiment with Uxntal. It's designed to allow someone to write programs in a non-destructive environment, and iterate on routines while being able to see the state of the computer change in real-time.

It is currently only supported by the Uxn11 emulator, as it requires the System Device's wst/rst ports. This project also includes a terminal version of Bicycle, called Unicycle. More details shortly, you can follow its development here.

Drawing by Rekka Bellum

Varvara's Unicycle

The following input field is a small interactive terminal to play with the uxntal opcodes and see their effect on the stack. You can also use unicycle.rom directly in your terminal emulator. Alternatively, you can use Dexe to inspect disassembled rom.

For example, type #12 #34 ADD, and press Run to see the result.