Sabotage means primarily: the withdrawal of efficiency

Luddism was a working-class movement opposed to the political consequences of industrial capitalism. The Luddites wanted technology to be deployed in ways that made work more humane and gave workers more autonomy. The bosses, on the other hand, wanted to drive down costs and increase productivity. Smashing looms and stocking frames was the tactic, not their goal. Their goal was to challenge not the technology itself, but rather the social relations that governed its use.

A neo-Luddite movement would understand no technology is sacred in itself, but is only worthwhile insofar as it benefits society. It would confront the harms done by digital capitalism and seek to address them by giving people more power over the technological systems that structure their lives.

Monkey wrenches are still manufactured and are used for some heavy tasks.

Incoming: solarpunk technocracy