Using and defining scope in Uxntal.

Uxntal objects are defined statically using a @label token, it allows for the enclosed methods to access local &labels. The example below creates an object with the method get-x, accessible from outside the scope as Object/get-x. By capitalizing the object name, we communicate to the assembler that the label will not be called and should not raise a warning.


&x $1 &y $1

&get-x ( -- x )
	,&x LDR

New methods and members can be appended to an existing scope by creating a label with the scope name followed by a slash and the name of the extension. The &labels declared within the extension have the same permissions for accessing local labels as during the object definition. To learn more, see symbols.

@Object/get-y ( -- y )
	,&y LDR

When calling local routines the scope's name can be omitted. To see a complete example in that pseudo object-oriented style, see timer.tal.

&get-both ( -- x y )

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