Hilbert in Smalltalk-80
Hilbert in Smalltalk-8017G12

Smalltalk is an object-oriented language and environment, created for educational use.

In a Workspace, you can evaluate a selection and get the result with mouse2, and print it:

"Comment between double-quotes."
| x y sum |
x _ 4.
y _ 16rF.
sum _ x + y. 19

"Strings are within single-quotes"
pokemon _ 'Drifloon' Drifloon

"To print the time"
Time now 6:49:44 pm

If you'd like to know more about a specific class:

Pen inspect.

Smalltalk uses the left-arrow notation to assign, which is inserted with _, the vertical-arrow is inserted with ^.


| x |
x _ 15.
( x > 10)
	ifTrue: ['True' displayAt: 20@15]
	ifFalse: ['False' displayAt: 20@15].


| x y |
x _ 1. y _ 1.
20 timesRepeat: [x _ x + 8. y _ y + 16. 'hey' displayAt: x@y]


Fill the screen

Display white
Display gray
Display black


To change the resolution of the window of the Smalltalk-80 emulator:

DisplayScreen displayExtent: 800@480.

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