Sanwu Audio Player
Sanwu Audio Player

A handful of experimental projects on small Hardware.

If a system has a million elements and each element will malfunction only one time out of a million, a breakdown is certain.

Slide Rule Collection
slide rule — Slide Rule Collection
Ad blocker with display
raspberry — Ad blocker with display
BBC Microbit
microbit — BBC Microbit
Reform Oled
reform — Reform Oled
The Playground Express
playground — The Playground Express
norns — Tutorials
Rack Monome
monome — Rack Monome
Neauismetica on Macintosh
macintosh — Neauismetica on Macintosh
Famicom Keyboard
famicom — Famicom Keyboard
Varvara PPU on the Playdate
playdate — Varvara PPU on the Playdate