Camilare is the language in the world of Oquonie.

Meaning is created by saying two subjects and their relationship, for example, the following text means that the key for either subject is help and pillar. This dialog comes up when trying to request help without having first found the subject pillar:

This list contains some of the most commonly used characters in Oquonie.

Nestorine Nephtaline Nemedique
Neomine Dialocie(Door) Necomedre
Zolenie(Teleport) Hoathiste(Correct) Gemaniste(Incorrect)
Ecrine(Unlocked) Ednasene(Locked) Celpadmale(Help)
Aohzaille(Sound) Mikethale(Guide) Casarmate(Inside)
Carmate(Outside) Emetegisenete(Key) Zorgiene(Friend)
Oquonie(Foe) Den(Pillar)

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