This Oquonie Guide is aimed at players who have gone past the loop of character changes.

This guide is meant to be a spoiler-free list of tips to help you proceed through Oquonie.

If you have not yet found the first pillar keep playing, for your only task at the moment is to find sequences of three matching tokens.

A red pillar appeared next to one of the town's gates. What do? In your travels, you have met a small spiky ramen-eating character, speaking to him as each character will have him spawn in town and give you a token based on which character that you are. You need his help, so make sure that you have found him in each of the worlds.

Things get a bit trickier here, you will need to find your first token as you leave one world, your second from the ramen guy, and the last in yet another world.

The town's shark will remove your tokens, speak to him if you ever find yourself with tokens that you do not need. Good luck!

Cheat Codes

To input the cheat codes, just type while the game window is in focus. Their purpose is resolve mirror bugs whenever your save game glitches.

noplacelikehomeWarps you into the lobby.
susannakaysenErases the current save game.

This list contains some of the most commonly used characters in Oquonie, mouse-hover the character to see their meaning.


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